The facts: Who may advertise at Western Conservative Summit 2015?

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The facts: Who may advertise at Western Conservative Summit 2015?

(’76 Editor) Colorado Log Cabin Republicans, a prominent voice for gay marriage as the law of the land, have alleged in a press release that they were “disinvited” from exhibiting at Western Conservative Summit 2015 and that this means we “want

[them] in the closet.” Both allegations are now on, but neither is true. Here are the facts:

As a nonpartisan public policy conference sponsored by Colorado Christian University, the Western Conservative Summit welcomes all individuals of whatever viewpoint to attend, and all likeminded groups to exhibit or advertise.

For groups advocating a policy agenda incompatible with our core beliefs, however — whether it be higher taxes, climate extremism, disarmament, marijuana, abortion, gay marriage, abridgment of religious freedom, or the like — we respect their right to compete in the public square, but we decline to sell them space for such advocacy at our event.

The Log Cabin Republicans were never specifically invited to be a Summit exhibitor, rather they applied and paid online, subject to CCU’s final approval. When we politely declined such organizational recognition and affirmed they are welcome to attend as individuals, they chose to make a news story of it.

Let them try. We don’t believe a private religious organization standing by its core beliefs is news at all. Threats or pressures notwithstanding, CCU and Centennial Institute will proceed by Lincoln’s standard as we always have: “with malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right.”

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