(By Charles J. Patricoff, ’76 Contributor) In his work of accurate historical fiction, Author John Buzzard takes his readers up to, through, and beyond the events, which shaped the single most demonstration of government evil against a peaceful tribe of Cheyenne Indians in Colorado’s formative years.  Released this year by Cladach Publishing, I am honored to provide the following review of That Day by the Creek.  It is an easy read of yet another hard to face portrayal of mankind’s brutal inhumanity.

Armed with written eye witness accounts of that fateful day in November 1864, former member of the United States Navy, John Buzzard weaves a story through the point of view of a young, idealistic seminary graduate who believes God has called him to minister to the Cheyenne Indians.  As the story unfolds, the outcome of the American Civil War remains unclear.  The Confederacy has gained major victories and broadened the theater of war.  Unfortunately, the federal government leaves the Colorado Territory under the control of ambitious, unethical, and cruel men with an unquenchable lust for power and control (like the 2016 Democrat Presidential Nominee), including professing leaders in the Christian church.

That Day by the Creek tells a chilling tale of what happ
ens when an out-of-control government determines to use military force for exterminating a people group just because they are different.  A reasonable, logical, and thoughtful argument could be made that the Nazis learned their evil craft from the darker periods of American History.  Please read this story and let us never let genocide happen again and let’s bring the barbaric, murderous practice of abortion to an end.

Thanks for reading.