April 21, 2017

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Public Pot-Smoking Law Goes Unenforced

Lakewood, CO—Following rampant unenforced public pot-smoking in the presence of children including infants, violence, and the trashing of a public park, Centennial Institute Director Jeff Hunt called on the city of Denver to deny all future 4/20 Pot Rallies.

“Yesterday, while visiting the 4/20 rally held in Denver, one of the largest 4/20 rallies in the country, we saw illegal smoking of marijuana in public,” said Jeff Hunt, Vice President of Public Policy at Colorado Christian University and Director of the Centennial Institute. “Additionally, the smoking of marijuana was done from the main stage, and in the presence of children, even infants. Rally organizers placed signs warning against the illegal smoking of marijuana in public and Denver Police were present, but enforcement was insufficient.”

“Furthermore, Denver Civic Center Park was left “covered in piles of trash after the 4/20 rally” according to the Denver Post. Event organizers even faced a man with a knife trying to attack event staff.

“The legalization of marijuana continues to devastate the state of Colorado. Marijuana-related traffic deaths have increased 62 percent and Colorado youth rank #1 in the nation for past month marijuana use. As we saw yesterday, the city of Denver is not enforcing current marijuana laws, allowing marijuana to be smoked publicly in the presence of infants, cannot provide for the safety of event staff, and is allowing organizers to leave Civic Center Park covered in trash. It’s time for Colorado to end harmful and destructive 4/20 rallies,” said Mr. Hunt.

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