May 2, 2017

Contact: Rachel Madden
D/CO Consulting

Archbishop Samuel Aquila signs petition to end 4/20 rallies in Denver

DENVER, CO—This week, American prelate of the Roman Catholic Church Samuel Joseph Aquila, who currently serves as the fifth archbishop of Denver, signed a petition calling for a termination of April’s 4/20 rally in Denver’s Civic Center Park after this year’s events trashed a national historic landmark and threatened the safety of Denver residents.

Colorado Christian University’s Centennial Institute released the petition last week to bring together voices against the blatantly illegal activities and safety concerns of the 4/20 rally. Not only did attendees and organizers fail to properly clean up after the event, a man with a knife tried to attack event staff and the open and public consumption of marijuana was tolerated despite warnings, signage, and the presence of security and the Denver Police.

“Some of the attendees at the recent 4/20 rally downtown demonstrated that they respect neither Civic Center Park, which is the community’s property, nor their fellow citizens of Denver. Coloradans should take pride in protecting our land, environment, and people. Mayor Hancock has worked hard to promote these values, and I hope he will take them into consideration as he weighs the future of the 4/20 rally,” remarked Archbishop Samuel Aquila.

The petition directly implores Mayor Michael Hancock to terminate future 4/20 rallies in the city of Denver and concludes that the organizers do not have the safety or well-being of Denver residents in mind.

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