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Washington Week Recap

The Washington Monument At the conclusion of the Washington Week trip I am left physically exhausted though intellectually and civically energized!


Conservatives, it’s time to embrace your candidate

(CCU Student) Before Tuesday, many conservatives were left scratching their heads. After a 2008 primary that netted them a lukewarm–at–best McCain Presidential bid, conservatives vowed to never again let themselves be so poorly represented. Yet


Occupy Denver: An abyss of envy and blame

It is in times like these that I wish I were a great mind, well versed in psychological theory. But then again, I feel Freud himself would struggle to rationalize the behavior of most Occupy


The Most Dangerous Movie of 2011

(CCU Student) Recently, I was able to attend the first public showing of “I Am”, a documentary film directed, conceived and funded by Tom Shadyac. Mr. Shadyac was able to fund his film through his


How should we respond to the Arizona murders?

(CCU Student) A terrible thing happened in Tucson on Jan. 8. A crazed man shot and killed six people and injured fourteen, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D, Arizona) and a Federal Judge. Most poignant, of