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Five ways to talk to a leftist & enjoy it

As conservatives, we feel that we are right. We feel as though the leftist agendas have been practiced to failure, exhaustion, and are not even viable solutions. However, many conservatives lack the ability to communicate with those of opposing viewpoints. I have been to countless conservative speaking–engagements, summits, think tanks, classes, et cetera, but these venues shed a “preach to the choir” ambience. What about those who are different, who vehemently disagree with conservative policies, and/or who label us evil, bigots, fear–mongers, callous, immoral, and barrages of other words?

North Korea: Time to get serious, America

(CCU Student) Recently Kim Jong–un was deemed the prospective heir to replace the aging Kim Jong Il. Reading over the article on bbc.uk titled, “Boy Meets World”, I could not help but ask, “What IS the Obama administration’s plan for North Korea?” On November 23, 2010 the Korea DPR fired missiles onto a disputed territory (island) off the coast of the Korean Peninsula, and again on the 26th—yet our President appears to not have an elaborative and definitive response.

Obama & Pelosi invite us to imagination land. Don’t go!

(CCU Student) The tides have turned, but sadly worldviews have not. Politico.com released two intriguing articles this past week. The first article pertains to Barack Obama’s interview on 60 Minutes. The other discusses Nancy Pelosi’s views post–election. I am all for a well–rounded proposal on any issue. But for once I want to hear the “how”! Most reoccurring during the previous two years and, proposals by the political left have pervasively (arguably“intentionally”) tiptoed around the ‘how’–question regarding virtually any idea, bill, plan, etc. Under crossfire and criticism our president, speaker of the house (now former), and many other elected officials of the Democratic Party have misconstrued reality and invited us into an imagination land in which ideas do not have to be clearly documented.

Fallible systems and Christian faith

(CCU Student) Outside of the encapsulated paradise, Adam and Eve fled once man chose the path of sin. Regardless of interpretation, personal exegetical views, or interpretation, reasonably prudent readers of the Bible (Christian or non) can agree that when sin was first experienced—reality immensely shifted. Further extensioning, the presence of sin insured economic systems would ALL be fallible in some regard. Two modern paradigms I would like to bring up are North and South Korea. Interestingly, one being the least free economic system in the world, the other being amongst the top three least government controlled economies.