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Let’s respond thoughtfully to Japan nuclear fears

(CCU Student) The nuclear crisis in Japan is a tragedy on top of a tragedy. It has not caused major damage, but the Japanese officials have finally decided to tell the truth as it is instead of trying to fluff it up in order to make the people feel better. This is actually how many wish to speak for the entire disaster in general. One reason may be the technological access that has recently caused rebellion in the Middle East. If anyone within the danger zone (or any family member in contact with them) has the ability to access world news they can get the full story from sources other than Japan to find out the truth.

‘Air raid Pearl Harbor. This is not a drill’

(CCU Student) “Air raid Pearl Harbor. This is not a drill,” went the frantic radio message from Patrol Wing Two HQ on this day 69 years ago. Early on December 7th 1941, Japanese aircraft wreaked havoc on the majority of the United States Navy. The ships in the harbor of Oahu, Hawaii were close together and completely unprepared for an attack of the magnitude that startled the country out of its stupor. The Japanese knew the attack had to be swift and deadly; otherwise, the attempt to cripple the US would have been utterly useless. The attempt did leave the United States reeling, but it truly just served to awaken a slumbering resolve to win.

How I woke up, and why you should

(CCU Student) Ignorance is not bliss! In Oklahoma, the blood of the people runs crimson and cream. The people vote red (for the most part), and the paper of a small Green County town conveniently forgot to print the election of the recent democratic president. Political issues were not spoken of in school or family settings because it was assumed that if you voted it was more than likely a vote for the Elephant. Every once in a while a donkey would slip through the cracks and take office. When I came to be of voting age, I was told that my vote didn’t matter anyway. I couldn’t change anything, so why bother. I never cared. Plain and simple.