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How Left gets its way with language

“Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the Obama administration had no choice but to order the shutdown of the prison at Guantanamo because ‘the name itself is a condemnation’ of U.S. anti-terrorism strategy,” said a news item this week. Okay, let’s think about this. Here we have a high official supinely conceding that the Left’s poisoning tactics can fatally stigmatize something, anything, they happen to hate — anything the Left and its slavish media decide to subject to years of constant battering. That poisoning itself now becomes the reason driving US policy.

Live from Zell Miller’s book tour

Zell Miller, the former US Senator and Governor, a principled Democrat who electrified the Republican National Convention with his 2004 keynote speech, is at it again. The ageless Georgian has written another book, his eighth, entitled Purt Nigh Gone: The Old Mountain Ways, and he’s on the road selling it. The other day I drove up to the Amazing Grace Christian bookstore in Gainesville, Georgia, and enjoyed the thrill of a lifetime visiting for over an hour with Shirley and Zell Miller after they came on time and as scheduled. Zell had just arrived from a radio interview with Martha Zohller, a well-known talk show conservative with North Georgia media.