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Escape from Boko Haram: The girls’ story, part 3

“I jumped from the truck. But when I hit the ground I break my legs,” Sarah began quietly. “So I crawled through the bush. I knew I had to get away.”

Escaping Boko Haram: The girls’ story, Part 2

(’76 Contributor) “We were asleep in our beds when we heard voices and then gunshots,” Eve began. “I told the other girls not to worry, it was just the police . . .”

Escaping Boko Haram: The girls’ story, Part 1

(’76 Contributor) Almost six months have passed since 276 schoolgirls were kidnapped from their boarding school in Chibok, Nigeria. An estimated 60 of those girls miraculously escaped their Boko Haram captors during the first 72 hours, but not without physical injuries and mental scars. Four of those girls are now safely in the U.S. The fate of the rest of the girls is an unfolding tragedy as many have been sold into slavery as child brides and several are already confirmed dead.

Turning kids into clients: Planned Parenthood’s evil schemes

Successful businesses have three things in common: A well-recognized, positive public image, an unending supply of new or repeat customers, and a product customers believe they can’t live without. Without these important elements, businesses are doomed.