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Why I believe in Mitt

(CU Grad Student) I’ve been like most Republicans … riding the wave after wave of candidates. Let me be more frank, I’m a recovering Perry supporter, who rode the Cain Train, and hesitatingly got off on Newt Station. So now, I believe in Mitt. Why? [Editor’s Note: ‘76 Blog is editorially neutral in elections and between parties. We welcome all points of view.

Memo to China: There’s greatness in our simplicity

(Centennial Intern) “The American people, they’re very simple people,” said Wang Qishan, Vice Premier of China, according to recent news accounts. Was there a note of condescension in this, coming from a high official of the ancient and self-regarding Middle Kingdom that sees itself superior to all other nations? Maybe.

Spirit of 1776 is in our keeping

The Colorado Family Institute is truly on the frontline of the battle for our values and principles and we thank you so much for your work. Today, I wanted to share two things with you: my narrative and how this narrative relates to our work at the Centennial Institute. Editor: How can conservative groups in Colorado help each other?

Proponents’ political gesturing discredits in–state tuition bill

(Editor: Venkatraj was invited to testify in the House Education Committee on Monday when SB–126, granting in–state college tuition to illegal aliens, was heard and ultimately rejected on a 7–6 vote. Here is his prepared testimony.) I am a Staff Assistant at the Centennial Institute and an Engineer Officer in the Colorado Army National Guard. My narrative as the son of immigrants may shed light on this pending legislation.

Series on young conservative voices: A wrapup

(Centennial Graduate Intern) Working in the Pentagon this summer, I ran into several Obama appointees. One was a field director for Hillary’s Presidential campaign in Iowa. During the campaign, he spent his time meeting all the senior citizens in the community and reaching out to other community leaders. He went to the local high school once during the primary campaign. On the fateful caucus day, the entire senior class of the high school in Iowa showed up and a solid Hillary district was locked into Obama. Thus, began the 2008 primary that eventually culminated with the election of President Barack Obama.

Young Conservative Voices for the 21st Century: Part 3

Why is it so appealing to be “progressive”? I think this question deserves further scrutiny. Our nation is manifested in a multi religious, multi racial, multi ethnic demographics, which will only be changing further as our nation progresses to its next centennial. In fact, within our next centennial, this country will become a majority minority nation, much like several states in the south have already become. The “progressive” movement has already embraced this reality.

Responsible Youth PAC director looks ahead to 2050

(Centennial Staffer) How can we build a robust, inclusive, and dynamic conservative strategy and agenda, conducive to the 21st century? This blog is the second in a three–part series exploring that challenge. I invited some comments from a friend of mine, Jim Banks, who currently serves as Executive Director of the Responsible Youth PAC.

Dynamic Conservatism for the 21st Century: Part 1

How can we build a robust, inclusive, and dynamic conservative strategy and agenda, conducive to the 21st century? This blog is the first in a three–part series exploring that challenge. I invited some comments from a friend of mine, Eric Garza, who currently serves in a dual capacity as vice chairman of the Latino National Republican Coalition of Texas and executive director of a group called CONSERVO (Council on Service, Education, Representation of Values, and Opportunity).

Reclaiming Reagan: Win One for the Gipper

(’76 Contributor) It hurts me deeply to see good, hard working Americans struggling to find jobs. These Americans don’t want a penny from the government; they want a job. They want to experience the self worth and sense of accomplishment that comes with putting food on the table on one’s own accord, not on the forced benevolence of unknown taxpayers. They want to talk about their kids’ days, a family vacation, or the quintessential football family rivalry but it is apparent that family finances, how are we going to pay the bills, how are we going to send the kids to college, am I going to get laid off, have come to dominate dinner tables around our nation.

The Next Greatest Generation: Major Mason’s Story

Everyone has an answer to the simple question: Why did you join the Army? The answer is far more complex and often times is touching and compelling, true to the character of our nation. Most of all, it is restorative to those who may have doubts about our nation and its greatness by offering a sense of inner peace in the perpetuity of our nation.