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Cognitive learning makes sense to this teacher

Much has been said about the dumbing down of America. One look at the “Let’s Make A Deal” health-care reform process in Washington shows we need better problem-solving skills. Yet helping students learn to problem-solve and “learn to learn” is something almost all schools are failing to do, according to Jack Elliott and Larry Hargrave in a Denver Post opinion piece on Dec. 19. My jaw dropped when I read their article. They discussed how teaching our students cognitive skills will improve the capacity of students to learn the learning skills many of our students need to improve in order to provide higher level cognitive skills and help more students graduate instead being left behind. Rather than a curriculum-based philosophy, they suggest a student-oriented approach that improves learning skills.

Obama’s illusion of placating Iran

Bibi Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, after discussions with the great compromiser, President Obama, agreed to allow the United States to negotiate with Iran before taking action to protect Israel from sure annihilation. The United States has been thwarted time and time again when attempting to negotiate with terror nations. These governments do not have our values. One believes in jihadism and the other is atheist. We should never compromise our values … and neither should you.

My pro–life epiphany

This week the Gallup organization reported that their latest poll showed 51% of those people polled considered themselves pro-life while 42% considered themselves pro-choice. I wasn’t surprised. I am writing this while President Obama is conferred an honorary degree from Notre Dame University. Last autumn, while pondering the “life” question on my mail-in ballot, I had an epiphany: I support life. For over 40 years, I considered myself pro-choice, but I was never radical about it. When I changed my political affiliation in 1989 from Democrat to Republican, it had nothing to do with life. I continued to support a pro-choice position. Yes, I suffered repercussions from my beliefs, but I was okay with it. I chose to be kind to others who may not agree with me. Kindness was returned.