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Numbers aside, new Congress may put principle over pork

I will admit that I’ve been trying not to talk too much about a Republican landslide tomorrow—the kind that sweeps out the career Democrat pols in Congress and replaces them with those who are not stained by the insidious corruption of the Beltway. Not that Republicans are perfect—or haven’t gotten tainted by the same dirty water. They have. But the class of new Republicans in this election is different, and offers more in the way of principle than pure pork-barrel politics. Lord knows how long they will be able to hang on to their principles once they get exposed to the lobbyists, unions and other bearers of kryptonite that skulk the halls of Congress. But at least we know that we start from a base which overwhelmingly believes in small government, smaller deficits and the power of individual liberty. That’s huge in my book.

Madison rolls over

As “Black Monday” dawned to the realization that the fraud-filled spectacle of ObamaCare has finally passed the House of Representatives, you may have noticed some rumblings under foot. It wasn’t an earthquake in the literal sense, though from the perspective of our constitutional republic, it might as well have been.It was the sound of James Madison rolling over in his grave. Of all the Founding Fathers, Madison was the one who most understood the importance of structure and process in our new democracy. He would have been shocked to hear the President of the United States telling the media that process doesn’t matter, or the Democratic Majority Leader of the House of Representatives say that the American people don’t care about how the government “makes sausage” — only that it “gets things done”.

Europe’s right turn may again show America the way

The left in this country has made much of the big electoral victories that the Democrats won in 2006 and 2008 — and for good reason. Not since 1977, when Jimmy Carter swept to victory along with huge Democrat majorities in the House and Senate, has there been such lopsided partisan rule in this country. With Al Franken seemingly a lock to win the Minnesota Senate seat, the Democrats are on the verge of a 60 vote “supra majority” that is virtually filibuster proof. The immediate future seems to all be swinging the left’s way, and all the things that come with it are now a foregone conclusion: major health care reform, tax increases, deficit spending and a spate of intensive, restrictive environmental regulation.

Judging through race–colored glasses

Barack Obama’s selection of Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court is par for the course with this president, a man who ascended the presidency on the basis of a compelling personal story and a bag full of bromides about post-partisan hope and change. Those who bought the Obama schtick may not have known it then, but they elected a hyper-partisan pol with big dreams of remaking America into a social justice utopia where the ends always justify the means. Rules—and indeed the rule of law—mean little in this world where grievance politics dominate, and the playing field shifts regularly to protect those suffering all manner of “discrimination” at the hands of the (white) power structure. Its typical class warfare, only this time it is practiced with extreme efficiency and on the backs of a huge Congressional left-wing majority. For those who believe that America is a meritocracy and should be truly “color-blind”, the country is now being run by those who see everything through race-colored glasses.

Why is it only Cheney taking on BHO over Gitmo?

Much is being made of the *** Cheney vs. Barack Obama “debate” now going on in the media over national security. It was page one in Friday’s Wall Street Journal, after Cheney and Obama gave dueling speeches the day before—Obama from the rotunda of the National Archives and Cheney from the American Enterprise Institute. As has been his consistent message, Obama again reiterated his view that the Bush administration had “gone off course” in using enhanced interrogation techniques and off-shore prisons, saying that he is seeking to restore “the power of our most fundamental values”.

Speaker Pelosi’s glass house

Nancy Pelosi has made a veritable career out of Bush bashing. She owes her position as Speaker of the House to the Iraq War, having come to power after the 2006 mid-term election that was an anti-Iraq referendum. She has since played the role of Democratic gadfly, prancing from issue to issue to place blame on the opposition while taking credit wherever and whenever possible. She has also become the perfect shill for her far-left constituents in San Francisco and the bevy of left-wing interest groups that line her coffers with cash at every opportunity. From Code Pink to, Pelosi is the voice of the left in Congress.