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I paid for what?

This week Congress passed a bill that raised taxes, increased spending, gave tax breaks to big business, and added to the deficit. Congress conveniently forgot to address out-of-control spending, the $16 trillion debt, and entitlement


Peace on Earth?

The soundtrack of cheery holiday tunes reels on uninterrupted. Hired santas with polyester beards and padded bellies laugh on cue. Shoppers check off their lists and dart off to one of many holiday parties. Timers


Sex Sells… the Presidency?

Sex is used to peddle all kinds of things from sport cars to perfume; and for the first time in its 223 year history, it’s being used overtly to sell a candidate for presidency. The


The American Dream

What do the words “American Dream” call to mind? A home with a car in the driveway (perhaps another in the garage), a couple of kids and a golden retriever? A job you like, that


I voted for Michael Dukakis

It was my first election and I was a registered Democrat. As a young, single woman attending college in Boulder, Colorado, no one was surprised that my choice for president was the Governor of Massachusetts,


Fat Doesn’t Mean Stupid

You need someone to tell you that you’re fat. The tight pants, bulging tummy, and double chin aren’t clues enough according to a government panel that today recommended doctors calculate body mass index for each


Eat illegal food

(Centennial Fellow) I disagree with what you eat but I will defend to death your right to eat it. Okay, maybe I won’t take a bullet for your food preferences. Let’s hope the food police