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ObamaCare chains more of U.S. to government dole

What sets Americans apart from people in so many other countries is that we actually like working. No, every job isn’t fun, but Americans understand the dignity that comes with work. We achieve a sense


What Obamacare means for rural Coloradans

Whether by design or coincidence, rural residents can expect to take it in the pocketbook as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka “ObamaCare”) takes effect over the next 15 months.


Recall earthquake: How far-reaching?

(Centennial Fellow) After the stunning recall of two Democrat state senators who led the legislature’s lurch to the loony left, maybe there’s still hope for freedom in Colorado after all – but only if more


Hickenlooper: the governor that might have been

John Hickenlooper had a chance to bring a breath of fresh air to the governor’s office. Imminently likable and with a charmed political career, he could have been the rare maverick moderate Democrat – strong


Democrats keep sticking it to rural Colorado

(Centennial Fellow) Now that they have regained total control of the State Capitol, Democrat leaders in the legislature just cannot resist kicking rural Colorado every time they get a chance. It was necessary, they told


Why Republicans are right to draw the line on taxes

(Centennial Fellow) The culture of Washington is one of compromise. Go along. Get along. Get something done—good, bad or otherwise. Sometimes compromise is necessary. When the levers of power are divided, reality dictates two choices:


Obama on business: Ignorance or arrogance?

(Centennial Fellow) What’s more frustrating about President Obama – his ignorance of how difficult it is to make a profit in business or his arrogance that there’s so little he doesn’t know? Here’s a man


Obamacare ruling: A mess with a message

For anyone who naively thought the Supreme Court would render a clean and tidy decision on ObamaCare, Chief Justice John Roberts’ majority-of-one opinion should be instructive. Rarely does the high court render an opinion that