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Professor Obama flunks constitutional law

Isn’t it ironic that the Smartest President Ever – according to one historian – can say something so ridiculous that most high school civics students would recognize his statements to be hogwash? After the Supreme


Legislature shouldn’t treat employers as adversaries

(Centennial Fellow) At a time when state legislators should be doing everything possible to encourage job creation, a bill working its way through the Colorado Senate unfairly paints employers as unreasonable and untrustworthy. Worse still,


Can Santorum parlay hat trick into nomination?

(Centennial Fellow) Nice guys Don’t always finish last. Sometimes they win three states in a single day. Rick Santorum’s improbable hat trick – sweeping Republican presidential contests in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado – provided yet


Why are we letting Medicaid cannibalize the schools?

Budgeting is about setting priorities. In most states, K-12 education is the top priority and receives the lion’s share of funding. Yet across the country, states are grappling with a budget monster that pits education


Rationality eludes judge in school funding case

When Gov. John Hickenlooper announced that the state will appeal a Denver court’s ruling that the state inadequately funds education, he acknowledged what Judge Sheila Rappaport—and previously the Colorado Supreme Court—would not: money is a


Anti-TABOR lawsuit is cynical slap at voters

(Centennial Fellow) Because those doggone Coloradans just won’t vote to increase taxes often enough, a cadre of folks who just can’t bear to see state government spend less is asking a federal judge to do


Obama’s vision and its irreversible legacy

(Centennial Fellow) Say this for President Barack Obama: he doesn’t lack for vision. As a candidate, Obama spoke of “chang(ing) the trajectory of America” in a way that no president has since Ronald Reagan. Obama’s


Fair & foul in the battle over congressional redistricting

(Centennial Fellow) Gerrymandering—the conspicuous, irregular manipulating of electoral district boundaries to advantage one political party or candidate—is widely considered a distasteful, if not downright corrupt, practice. Through gerrymandering, incumbent politicians seek to choose their voters