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Russia and Israel, who knew?

(CCU Student & Centennial Intern) From the American armchair, Israel looks rather lonely. She is the only democracy amongst a host of dutiful, patriarchal Arab nations. With death threats, weak peace treaties, and a rising pile of Israel–condemning resolutions coming from all parts of the United Nations, things look bleak for the tiny nation state of Israel. Much of the turmoil stems from the poor international opinion of nearly everything Israel does.

Collegians convene with AIPAC in Washington

(Centennial Student Intern) The past few days, with CCU sophomore Drew Goorabian, I have had the distinct pleasure of making a brief pre–Christmas stop in the frozen swamp that is Washington D.C. in the winter. AIPAC or the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee has been both our motivation and gracious host for this trip bringing Drew and me to D.C. to attend the biannual Saban Leadership Seminar.

Krannawitter’s primer can help students exercise citizenship

(CCU Student) I would suggest that every student of Colorado Christian University should read a copy of Dr. Thomas Krannawitter’s Introduction to Citizenship for New Americans. Regardless of a student’s stance on politics, Dr. Krannawitter’s book delivers a vital education on the basic facts every American should know as he calls himself a citizens. Perhaps the greatest part of being an American lies in the freedoms and rights enjoyed in this country, but greater still is, citizenship, the provision that allows the enjoyment and maintenance of American freedoms and rights. [Editor’s Note: Krannawitter is a professor of politics here at CCU. His small but potent book on citizenship is available as Centennial Institute’s gift to you. Inquire at 235 Beckman Center, or write]

CCU delegates attend US–Israel conference

(CCU Student) I as a CCU sophomore and Natasha Starceski as a senior were privileged to take part on March 21-23 in Washington, D.C. when 7,500 people gathered to attend AIPAC’s aptly named Policy Conference. During the conference, guests heard from: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Senators Charles Schumer (D-NY), Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Evan Bayh (D-IN), Quartet Representative and Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Professor Alan Dershowitz, Pastor DeeDee Coleman and Colonel Richard Kemp. The topic was the importance of the U.S. – Israel relationship.