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Campus-eye view of VA & NJ Gov races

(Washington & Lee Students) Today two important gubernatorial races are climaxing, New Jersey and Virginia. Since our small liberal arts college is in Virginia we have been very much in the heat before the election.


Digging the dirt on Denver Public Schools

Besides nannying, mowing the occasional lawn and the seemingly full-time job that basketball and soccer demand, neither of us had really<!–more–> had a “real” job until this summer when we worked for a prominent Denver


Air Congress is disgraceful

Instead of a hefty $550 million earlier requested for eight new and lavish private planes, Congress has retreated and is now asking for “only” $220 million for a “meager” four jets. To us, this seems


Young conservatives at Washington & Lee

Editor: Fire up a group blog and you never know who may want in. A Denver businessman asked me if his daughter and her college pal could try out as contributors for us. Three minutes