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Wealth doesn’t cause poverty, it cures poverty

(Centennial Fellow) Class warfare is alive and healthy in elite parts of America today. Yes, elite. Only elites—a tiny fraction of a fraction of the American public—are able to camp in public parks denouncing businesses, while other elites in high government offices and the media discuss them. The rest of us have to work.

Which candidate for CU Regent would Founders favor?

(CCU Faculty) In a political race that’s been too much under the radar, CU Board of Regents member Steve Bosley is running for statewide re-election, challenged by CU law school prof, Melissa Hart. This race will shape the board that governs the University of Colorado, and the main subject of political dispute is, well, politics, and whether it has any place in higher education. [Editor: This article first appeared in the Denver Post, Oct. 20 online edition.]

This is Constitution Day, but too few care

(From Investor’s Business Daily 9/17) Constitution Day — Sept. 17, the day 39 delegates to the 1787 Philadelphia Convention signed and submitted to Congress (under the Articles of Confederation) a new constitution for consideration — used to be familiar to many Americans. But as the Constitution’s authority has faded in our public life, its birthday has faded too. Don’t think the authority of the Constitution is ignored? Consider the irony of today, Constitution Day: