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Iran’s dominance in Iraq steadily increases

(Sull, Iraq) So America’s liberal newspaper of record is shocked, shocked! that Prime Minister al-Maliki and the Iraqi government are puppets of the Iranian administration. In what might be more a function of the curtailing


Any hope of political parties acting responsibly?

(CCU Fellow) In the 1960s the discipline of political science was becoming distressed by what they perceived to be an imbalance in the political system. Their impression was that interest groups, what they often called


Manifesto for the Grand Old Tea Party

(Centennial Fellow) This essay is my argument for why America needs the Republican Party and the Tea Party to combine forces to form a semi–new political party, the GOTP or Grand Old Tea Party. William


Who are we anyway? Secession in historical context

(Centennial Fellow) Responding to Bennett and Schaller on the matter of secession then and now, here’s a somewhat different approach. First, who or what in fact, originally revolted and seceded from England? We all know


Why Obama might decline a second term

(Centennial Fellow) Fred Barnes’s wrote in today’s Wall Street Journal that the health-care plan, if passed, will be “a paramount issue in the 2012 presidential race, regardless of whether Mr. Obama is on the ballot.”


Will media throw Barack under the bus?

The next great reckoning for the media is their response to Obama’s imminent failure. They will have to choose between their ideology, to support Obama, or fecklessly go with the good story. The answer is