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In defense of humanity’s oldest institution

(By William Watson, CCU Faculty) In Shakespeare’s Tempest young Miranda exclaimed, “Oh, brave new world that has such people in it.” Her father Prospero replied, ‘Tis new to thee.” Miranda was amazed at the new generation of people she was encountering who seemed so daring to her, but the wise and aged Prospero would have agreed instead with King Solomon,

Historical Revisionism in Moldova and the United States

The way we look at the past is often altered when governments change hands. I just returned from Moldova, a Soviet republic until 1991 when the Soviet Union imploded. The Romanian-speaking majority seized control and began changing place names and national memorials. The main boulevard of the capital which had been named after Lenin (founder of the Soviet Union) was now named after Stefan the Great, a 15th century Moldovan king who had fought off invasions by Turks from the south and Slavs from the north. Statues of Lenin were also removed, replaced by statues of Stefan the Great. Their currency, which had pictures of Lenin and Marx on it, now showed Stefan the Great.

Who is the party of big business? Dems, not GOP

Editor’s Note: Looking at the trend of 2012 campaign donations, listening to the 2012 campaign rhetoric, and reviewing the Obama administration’s favoritism to giant corporations, CCU History Prof. Bill Watson asked us to publish again the following post by him that originally appeared on this same blog in January 2010. Word for word, unchanged from what he wrote then, it is still on target as another crucial election day approaches. Please read and heed:

Solution for California gas prices is underfoot

(CCU Faculty) This past summer we rented a house along the California coast north of LA. The two things I remember most from our vacation were the shockingly high gas prices and the oil residue we had to scrub off our feet after going into the water. The landlord of our beach house had a can of turpentine and rags by the door to remind us not to track it onto their carpets. There is so much oil along the coast north of LA that it is seeping onto the beaches, but we are not allowed to drill? Why don’t we put that oil in our cars instead of on our feet?

Behind Dems’ dishonesty on auto bailout, disaster awaits

(CCU Faculty) On the last night of the Democratic Convention, former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm gave an exuberant speech attacking Republican candidate Romney for not caring about America’s workers, and praising President Obama for supposedly saving the American auto industry. You can watch it on youtube:

‘Forward’ into what, Mr. President? The abyss?

Whenever I describe our current president as a Socialist, I am most often greeted with shock. Take for example Obama’s new campaign slogan: “Forward!” This term has always been associated with the European socialist movement. The official newspaper of the Socialist Party of Germany (SPD) since 1891 has been “Vorw ä rts”, which means Forward in German.

Helping struggling folks on Colfax

Most have jobs but at minimum wage, or take day labor in an economy where their labor is hardly needed. Admittedly, most have made mistakes somewhere along the line: dropping out of high school, becoming a teen-aged mother, using drugs or alcohol, getting sent to jail, losing a job, etc. Others are just living the marginal lifestyle in which they were raised, never able to rise above just barely making it.

Soros’ agenda for youth: Globalism yes, America no

(CCU Faculty) In 2004 I taught Western Civilization and U.S. Foreign Policy as a Fulbright Scholar in Eastern Europe. My primary duties were at the largest state university in Belarus, as well as at their Institute of International Relations. While there I was contacted by George Soros’ Invisible College. It is one of several Invisible Colleges in European capitals, each funded by the Soros Foundation. It allowed students from both the State University and the Institute of International Relations to take courses and transfer them back to their other schools. Several of my students at the other institutions were at the Invisible College and one of them likely recommended me to them. I had the feeling that the students at the Invisible College were there by special invitation, being groomed for a particular purpose in the field of International Relations.

‘The rich must give back’? What? Why? Says who?

(CCU Faculty) We often hear from President Obama that “the rich should give back.” But what have they taken? Nothing! What have they given? Jobs: if you have a job, thank an entrepreneur. Goods and services: things we all need to survive are provided by these entrepreneurs.

Don’t sell America short; we’re still exceptional

(Centennial Fellow) There is much doom and gloom out there in the economy. Many say America’s best days are over, and that we will be eclipsed by Europe or China. That just will not happen. Thirty years ago everyone talked about how America was in decline, that Japan would pass us. That was until the Reagan administration