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In defense of humanity’s oldest institution

(By William Watson, CCU Faculty) In Shakespeare’s Tempest young Miranda exclaimed, “Oh, brave new world that has such people in it.” Her father Prospero replied, ‘Tis new to thee.” Miranda was amazed at the new generation


Who is the party of big business? Dems, not GOP

Editor’s Note: Looking at the trend of 2012 campaign donations, listening to the 2012 campaign rhetoric, and reviewing the Obama administration’s favoritism to giant corporations, CCU History Prof. Bill Watson asked us to publish again


Behind Dems’ dishonesty on auto bailout, disaster awaits

(CCU Faculty) On the last night of the Democratic Convention, former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm gave an exuberant speech attacking Republican candidate Romney for not caring about America’s workers, and praising President Obama for supposedly


‘Forward’ into what, Mr. President? The abyss?

Whenever I describe our current president as a Socialist, I am most often greeted with shock. Take for example Obama’s new campaign slogan: “Forward!” This term has always been associated with the European socialist movement.


Helping struggling folks on Colfax

Most have jobs but at minimum wage, or take day labor in an economy where their labor is hardly needed. Admittedly, most have made mistakes somewhere along the line: dropping out of high school, becoming