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A problem to compete with global warming is hysteria rising

(By Jay Ambrose, Centennial Institute Fellow)

The left has gone fanatical, democracy is in peril, and nothing sums it up better than a Huffington Post article in which a law professor calls for President Donald Trump’s impeachment for withdrawing from the Paris climate accord. The article is an intellectual disgrace but watch out because here comes The New York Times pontificating on the front page about putting the president in prison.

Its excuse is that he obstructed justice by asking James Comey as FBI director to take it easy on Michael Flynn, and while impeachment on these grounds has been screamed about quite a bit in Washington of late, none of it works. Even the lawyers in the story say you cannot prosecute a sitting president, and Alan Dershowitz, a constitutional law expert at Harvard, is among those pointing out that Trump could legally even have pardoned Flynn, his former national security advisor.

Comey also testified that the FBI had not been investigating Trump for collusion with Russians, a barely mentioned fact as the Comey story became something like a nationwide media thunderstorm with the lightning aimed for the White House as Democrats rejoiced in the rain and hoped for a flood. Such a desired outcome is clear to everybody, the focus on all of this and the current investigation will not cease, major issues will go into hiding and Trump is facing tough challenges.

One of the things that makes it interesting is that Hillary Clinton almost certainly did obstruct justice – the issue at hand with Trump and Flynn – when staffers deleted emails that had been subpoenaed by a House committee. Nothing much came of it, as we know, but we live in an age of the double standard, and a driving factor is the fury of the left on some

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Jay Ambrose

Jay Ambrose

Jay Ambrose is a columnist whose work is nationally distributed by the Tribune Co. in Chicago. He has served as editor of two metropolitan daily papers, including the Rocky Mountain News in Denver, and a country weekly in the Appalachians in his early 20s. For nine years, he was director of editorial policy for Scripps Howard Newspapers in Washington, D.C. He has been a Pulitzer Prize judge and served on the board of directors of the American Society of Newspaper Editors. His writing awards include the national Walker Stone Award for Outstanding Editorial Writing. He also has been a moderator of leadership discussion groups on major issues in Denver, Boulder and at Lockheed-Martin in Littleton. He is a media fellow at Centennial Institute.

John Andews

John Andrews

John Andrews, for decades an influential voice in the Colorado political debate, is now one of his state’s Christian conservative elder statesmen. He has led five think tanks, most recently the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University, and was the originator of the Western Conservative Summit, Backbone Radio, and the Head On TV debates. Andrews was previously President of the Colorado Senate, chairman of the State Policy Network, and director of TCI Cable News. He was a speechwriter for President Richard Nixon; an education appointee under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush; founder of the Independence Institute and co-founder of State Policy Network; and Republican nominee for Governor of Colorado in 1990.


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