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European Union: The Gathering Storm

(Boston) In 1958 via the Treaty of Rome six Western European nations (West Germany, France, Italy, and the Low Countries) began life as a cooperative economic entity known as the "Common Market".  For thirty-five years

Growing Plants and Stunting Growth

(Courtney Reanier, 1776 Scholar) Isn’t it sad to think that we are more concerned with how many plants we are legally entitled to grow than how this drug is devastating the growth and potential of

Middle Eastern Quagmire: The Road to Nowhere

"You Can Always Count on Americans To Do The Right Thing... But Only After They've Tried Every Other Thing." -Winston Churchill (Bill Moloney, Denver)  The War in Afghanistan- the longest war in American History- is

American Foreign Policy: Hostage to Domestic Politics

(Bill Moloney, Nantucket) In addition to familiar summertime diversions- beaching, biking, swimming, sailing- this island offers a steady parade of celebrity speakers opining on weighty cultural and political matters. A Nantucket truism validated by my

MLK: Courage and a Bigger Dream

(Ellen Densmore, CCU Senior) What do a small business owner, a cowboy, and Martin Luther King, Jr. have in common? The answer: courage and a dream bigger than any one individual. The cowboy is the

American Tax Reform: Its Meaning for Europe

(William Moloney,Boston) Democrats and Republicans are in full agreement that the recently passed Tax Reform has huge historical significance:  President Trump calls it the "greatest tax reform in History" while Nancy Pelosi calls it the