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How Republican candidates should answer the “life of the mother” question

(By Joy Overbeck, ’76 Contributor) When Megyn Kelly in the Fox GOP debate asked Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker if he would “really let a mother die rather than have an abortion” I could actually hear […]

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How China’s past influences China’s stock market today

(By Helen Raleigh, Centennial Fellow) Before the most recent midsummer stock market turmoil in China, stock trading among Chinese investors had reached a fanatic pace. China has 90 million retail investors and almost all of […]

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Patriotic assimilation of immigrants should unite right & center

(By Linda Chavez & John Fonte) The two of us strongly disagree on many aspects of immigration policy, and so we have engaged in lively public debate on the issue over the years. But one thing we agree on is that whatever immigration policy prevails, it must be accompanied by the patriotic assimilation of immigrants and their children. […]

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Think again: Trump, Obama and evidence-free politics

Last week during the most-watched primary debate in history, a U.S. senator fired a cogently argued objection at his party’s leader, drawing a contemptuous and insulting personal attack.

No, it wasn’t Sen. Rand Paul, who chastised […]

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Gruesome videos renew abortion debate

Most people, regardless of their views on abortion, were revolted by recent videos showing Planned Parenthood officials talking cavalierly about the harvesting of healthy fetal body parts and discussing the terms of the sale of […]

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In memoriam: Clair B. Orr, 1953-2015

(By Bill Moloney, Centennial Fellow) The Book of Ecclesiastes tells us “To Everything there is a season, and a Time to every purpose under the heaven”.  Included are “A time to be born and a […]

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First debate, lower tier: How I scored ’em

(By Charles Patricoff, ’76 Contributor)The first Republican (GOP) Presidential debate is over. The political pundits have stated their opinions. Those expressed in this article come from a Biblical Worldview.

Unfortunately, the split format of seven lower […]

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Hickkenlooper, Hullinghorst, Cadman called on to defund Colorado Planned Parenthood

(Denver, July 31) Alliance Defending Freedom today sent a letter on behalf of Colorado Family Action to Colorado’s Governor John Hickenlooper, Speaker of the House Dickie Lee Hullinghorst, and Senate President Bill Cadman asking for an investigation of Planned Parenthood and an immediate end to taxpayer funding of the abortion giant (#DefundPP). The letter comes amidst considerable controversy concerning the organization and its Colorado affiliate. […]

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American contrast: Two St. Louis kids named Brown

(By John Andrews, ’76 Editor) It was a sultry summer evening in the slum neighborhood not far from my St. Louis boyhood home. Things had gone way downhill since we lived there, including street maintenance. […]

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Baby-parts trafficking brings America to a Wilberforce moment

(By Sosamma Samuel-Burnett, Centennial Fellow) By now many Americans, at least those who access social media or follow the news media, have heard of the controversy over Planned Parenthood’s recent videos that went viral on […]

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