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American Foreign Policy: Hostage to Domestic Politics

(Bill Moloney, Nantucket) In addition to familiar summertime diversions- beaching, biking, swimming, sailing- this island offers a steady parade of celebrity speakers opining on weighty cultural and political matters. A Nantucket truism validated by my

MLK: Courage and a Bigger Dream

(Ellen Densmore, CCU Senior) What do a small business owner, a cowboy, and Martin Luther King, Jr. have in common? The answer: courage and a dream bigger than any one individual. The cowboy is the

American Tax Reform: Its Meaning for Europe

(William Moloney,Boston) Democrats and Republicans are in full agreement that the recently passed Tax Reform has huge historical significance:  President Trump calls it the "greatest tax reform in History" while Nancy Pelosi calls it the

Notes From Abroad: Reflections on Changing Europe

(William Moloney, Dublin)  In the course of a meandering journey through three vibrant capital cities- Paris, London, Dublin- interspersed with satisfying cycling ventures- the sun drenched banks of the Seine, the wild bleak cliff roads

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