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Rafael Cruz, Supportive Father and Fiery Minister

Rafael Cruz, the proud father of Senator Ted Cruz, was one of the first keynote speakers for Friday night’s main session and spoke with passion and enthusiasm for his country and his son. He began with […]

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Hugh Hewitt Opens #WCS15 with Overview of Presidential Candidates

The first headliner for 2015 Western Conservative Summit, Hugh Hewitt starts an exciting Friday night at the Summit Vision reception and dinner. Hewitt’s speech is titled “The Conservative Challenge for 2016” and he overviewed his […]

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New GOP Blood Gathers At #WCS15

The Western Conservative Summit kicked off Friday morning at the Brown Palace with a small panel of speakers. WCS15 is hosted by the Colorado Christian University’s public policy think tank, the Centennial Institute, and led […]

Another lessons for socialists: Beware Greeks bearing debt

It’s unlikely one would ever lack for examples of socialist failure. But should you ever find yourself at such a loss, the one that stands out perhaps most profoundly of late is Greece.

Greece’s problems are […]

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Identity politics are ruining America

Among all the founding fathers, I identify most with Alexander Hamilton. I am an immigrant just like him. Hamilton is a quintessential example of the American Dream. He embodied an archetype we as immigrants are […]

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Marriage decision will force resistance

The Supreme Court is expected to rule that defining marriage to be only between one man and one woman denies equal protection under the law and is therefore unconstitutional. The court could even rule that […]

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Evening Rallies Just $25

(By Western Conservative Summit staff) Like the WCS15 speaker lineup, but your budget or schedule won’t allow attending all three days?  Maybe your answer is to slice and dice the whopping Summit program into something that fits perfectly.  Check out our one-evening-only or one-day-only ticket options.

Obama’s failed war on poverty

In his bow to holding a “conversation” about the poor, supported by two other progressives at liberal Georgetown University against one lone conservative, President Barack Obama’s big idea was to “invest” more to combat poverty, […]

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Can we focus for a moment on the real threats at hand?

Let’s take a quick stock of the world scene, shall we?

ISIS continues to ravage the cradle of humanity, taking and ransacking ancient cities, reversing the gains we fought for in Iraq and seemingly growing as […]

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Freedom’s 800th birthday: Doing your part?

(By Douglas Bruce, ’76 Contributor) Tradition accepts June 15, 1215 as the start of limited government in Anglo-American law. Magna Carta (“great charter’) was signed under duress by King John. John was the brother and successor to Richard the Lion Heart, whose loyal subjects included that tax rebel, Robin Hood. […]

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