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Amendment 69 – “ColoradoCare”

(By Charles J. Patricoff, '76 Contributor) This article is written for my friends, neighbors, associates, and family members who are voting citizens of Colorado.  Earlier this year I learned and wrote about a potential amendment to the

Nixon & Watergate, Trump & Hillary, Then & Now

Richard Nixon’s resignation under threat of impeachment, 42 years ago this week, can teach us enduring lessons about ethics, politics, and the presidency, as I reflected in a TV news interview yesterday.

Should Christians engage in politics?

(By Evan Verbal, ’76 Scholar) As our country approaches election season, an engaged citizen cannot help but observe a malicious side to politics. Nasty campaign advertisements, emerging scandals, and hypocrisy emerge under the national spotlight.

Clinton Crimes vs. Trump Crimes

(By Joy Overbeck) When people tell me that it doesn’t matter whether they vote for Her Clintoness or the Trumpster because both are equally corrupt, I check my frustration and instead ask them a few

William L. Armstrong, Republican senator from Colorado, dies at 79

(By Dan Elliott) William L. Armstrong, a Colorado media executive who became a major conservative voice in the Senate, died July 5. He was 79. He had cancer, according to an announcement from Colorado Christian

Former Colorado senator dies at age 79

(By Rebecca Savranskey) Former Sen. Bill Armstrong (R-Colo.) died Tuesday at age 79 after battling cancer for about five years. Armstrong was a member of the Colorado state House of Representatives and a member of

Becket Fund mourns passing of William L. Armstrong

THE BECKET FUND -- President William Armstrong was a vigorous defender of religious liberty. As a United States Senator he sponsored crucial legislation protecting the rights of religious organizations. As the President of Colorado Christian

Bill Armstrong, former U.S. senator and Colorado college president, dies at 79

DENVER BUSINESS JOURNAL - William L. Armstrong, Colorado Christian University president and a former U.S. senator from Colorado, died Tuesday following a five-year bout with cancer. He was 79. "Bill Armstrong displayed an uncommon vision

Former U.S. senator, university president Bill Armstrong has died

(By Joey Bunch and Kirk Mitchell) Former U.S. Sen. Bill Armstrong, a pillar of Colorado’s Republican Party and a force behind the conservative economic policies of President Ronald Reagan, lost his battle with cancer Tuesday. He

Former Colorado Senator Bill Armstrong dies at age 79

(By Lawrence Arboleda) William L. (Bill) Armstrong, former US Senator and Colorado Christian University president, died Tuesday after a five-year battle with cancer, the Washington Times reports. Armstrong, who was considered a legend in Colorado