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Swamp Gas? Ignore it, keep draining

(By John Andrews, Centennial Institute Fellow) I am just back from a few days in the fever swamps of anti-American leftism. Whew, what a trip. Okay, it was nothing to what my nephew Dave will

Who’s the Real Enemy of an Informed Public?

(By Jay Ambrose, Centennial Fellow) President Donald Trump recently said news media employing “fake news” were the “enemy of the people,” and some critics in the news media replied that his saying so showed he

Obamacare has failed. Repeal it!

(By Frank D. Francone, Centennial Institute) November 2016 was an historic election—and historians may spend decades figuring out what it meant. But one message from the voters was clear: “Repeal the Affordable Care Act (‘Obamacare’).”

To save America, first save the family

(By Jay Ambrose, Centennial Fellow) It’s okay to have children without getting married. That’s a widespread cultural attitude in America today that also invites cringing at the word “illegitimate” because, well, it hurts people’s feelings.