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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 21, 2017 Contact: Kevin McVicker Shirley & Banister Public Affairs kmcvicker@sbpublicaffairs.com (703) 739 5920 TERMINATE 4/20 POT RALLIES IN COLORADO Public Pot-Smoking Law Goes Unenforced Lakewood, CO—Following rampant unenforced public pot-smoking

Trump the World in 80 Days

(By John Andrews, Centennial Institute Fellow) President Donald Trump, the Bronx Bazooka, won’t complete his first 100 days till the end of April. But he has already hit his first 80, and the operative word

How to Discover America

(By Jay Ambrose, Centennial Fellow) The way to discover America is to discover Americans, as Walt Whitman intimated in his poem, “I Hear America Singing.” Listen to the mason, mechanics and shoemakers, he said, and

Swamp Gas? Ignore it, keep draining

(By John Andrews, Centennial Institute Fellow) I am just back from a few days in the fever swamps of anti-American leftism. Whew, what a trip. Okay, it was nothing to what my nephew Dave will

Who’s the Real Enemy of an Informed Public?

(By Jay Ambrose, Centennial Fellow) President Donald Trump recently said news media employing “fake news” were the “enemy of the people,” and some critics in the news media replied that his saying so showed he