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The Cult of Education

(By Ellen Densmore, 1776 Scholar) In his 1848 Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx identifies public education as a primary means of enacting Revolution—of shifting the societal focus away from the individual and the family unit, towards a

How Good Intentions Crippled Economic Justice

(By Tegan Truitt, 1776 Scholar) The famed observer of democracy, Alexis de Tocqueville, writes that, though democratic nations love freedom, “for equality they have an ardent, insatiable, eternal, invincible passion; they want equality in freedom, and,

Environment 2017: Western Way is the Right Way

(By John Andrews, Centennial Institute Fellow) As Westerners who love liberty, limited government, and the land, it’s high time we stop letting the bicoastal progressives claim heartland conservatives and the GOP want to despoil the

Millennials vs. The Left

(By John Andrews, Centennial Institute Fellow) The media, the schools, and the culture are massively misleading Millennials about how America’s free government is supposed to work. And as Reagan warned, such political fairy tales put

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 17, 2017 Contact: Kevin McVicker Shirley & Banister Public Affairs kmcvicker@sbpublicaffairs.com (703) 739 5920 CENTENNIAL INSTITUTE DELIVERS MORE THAN 4,000 PETITIONS TO DENVER MAYOR Concerned Citizens Call for end to 4/20Rallies

Is hysteria over Trump paying off?

(By Jay Ambrose, Centennial Institute Fellow) From the day he was elected president, Donald Trump has been treated to hysteria that has known few limits – cries and accusations as irrational, hyperbolic, fearful and hatefully

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 2, 2017 Contact: Rachel Madden D/CO Consulting (408)-455-8883 rachel@dco.consulting Archbishop Samuel Aquila signs petition to end 4/20 rallies in Denver DENVER, CO—This week, American prelate of the Roman Catholic Church Samuel