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Former U.S. senator, Colorado Springs Sun owner Bill Armstrong has died

(By Wayne Heilman) Bill Armstrong, a former U.S. senator, congressman, owner of the defunct Colorado Springs Sun daily newspaper and president of Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, died Tuesday after a five-year struggle with cancer.

Former Colorado Republican Sen. Bill Armstrong dies after battle with cancer

(By Valerie Richardson) DENVER — Former Sen. William L. Armstrong died Tuesday after a long battle with cancer and just months after announcing he would retire as president of Colorado Christian University. He was 79.

A voice for strong principles

(By David Keene) When a congressman or senator leaves Washington as Bill Armstrong did in 1990, it doesn’t take long for the political class to move on as if he or she never existed. When the

Honoring Bill Armstrong

President Bill Armstrong By Jeff Hunt, Director of the Centennial Institute Working with President Armstrong has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. In addition to being an effective leader, President

Brexit earthquate underscores political and economic malaise of the West

(By William Moloney, '76 Contributor) (Denver) Historically it is the role of leaders to foresee, understand, and explain great changes afoot in the World. Yet regarding Brexit Western leaders have spectacularly failed to do any

The Sacred Fourth

(By John Andrews, Centennial Fellow)  The Independence Day barbecue at our house tomorrow will be a time of celebrating patriotic spirit and reliving family memories, some of them anyway. We do not plan to reenact the great fence-crashing incident of 1976.

Newt Gingrich wins VP straw poll at 2016 Western Conservative Summit

DENVER — July 3, 2016 — Results of the 2016 Western Conservative Summit Vice Presidential Straw Poll are in and the winner is Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, with 20

America Tested: Exam Questions for 2016 Voters

(By John Andrews, Centennial Fellow)  A presidential campaign puts the country through a rugged exam.  It tests the candidates against each other, this year Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton.  

What is really holding American workers back?

(By Helen Raleigh, Centennial Fellow) Even though the official unemployment rate fell below 5%, most of us who live in the real world know better: there are still an estimated 30 million Americans who have

It’s not about bathrooms

(By Joy Overbeck, '76 Contributor) It’s about “fundamentally transforming” America -- replacing the cultural influence of church and parents with governmental decrees. Remember when you were a kid and you had a same-sex best friend? The two