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Candidates’ rhetoric reveals tenfold reality gap

(By Brad Hughes, Centennial Fellow) Unlike the usual top 10 list that makes you smile, here’s one to make you frown.  Listening to the news, I noted these top 10 problems – each defined as […]

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Race in America: The Moon & the Ghetto revisited

(By Vincent McGuire, Centennial Fellow) What is the future of race relations in America? In the short term, it will be a long, hot summer. There is little reason to believe that the violence, on […]

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Summit reflections: The case for Carly

(By Charles Patricoff, ’76 Contributor) In my last article, I promised a more detailed summary regarding two Presidential hopefuls: former Hewlett-Packard CEO, Carly Fiorina, and pediatric Neurosurgeon, Ben Carson, MD.  This post will address Carly […]

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Hope for American schools?

(By Donald Devine, ’76 Contributor) With the House passing a bill to limit the federal role in K-to-12 schooling and a unanimous Senate committee doing the same, it might look as if there is finally […]

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Spinning White House yarns and Iranian nukes

(By Melanie Sturm, ’76 Contributor) Unable to ignore millions of cancellation letters and a rare presidential apology, fact-checkers at PolitiFact and the Washington Post designated “If you like your health care plan, you can keep […]

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Liberals and hero envy

(By Joy Overbeck, ’76 Contributor) The left’s great hero is Caitlyn (formerly known as Bruce) Jenner, honored by ESPN for courage under breast augmentation surgery and most derivative Kardashian-esque wardrobe. The right’s great hero is […]

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Iran deal dangerous and disconnected from reality

(By John Guandolo, ’76 Contributor) The “Joint Comprehensive Plan”(JCP) – also known as the “Iran Deal” among many – is dangerous for America’s security and demonstrates a true disconnect from reality by those who work […]

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Stop calling them progressives

(By Joy Overbeck) Today’s “progressive” ideas are nothing but retreads of the notorious 19th and 20th century command-and-control tyrannies that killed about 120 million of their own citizens. Variously known as socialism, Communism, and Marxism, […]

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Letter to a cadet: How Christianity sparked Western civilization

(By Phil Mitchell, CCU Faculty)  This is from a letter I wrote to a young friend from my church, now a cadet at the United States Military Academy in West Point.  Dear Arthur: You mentioned that your history professor at West Point downplays the role of Christianity in the development of Western culture. I would like to give a different view. […]

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Our James Madison: WCS15 as Peg saw it

(By Peg Brady, ’76 Contributor)  Friday, 26 June – Convening: John Andrews and Bill Armstrong – To stirring cheers, Centennial Institute founder John Andrews welcomed us and proclaimed this year’s Western Conservative Summit theme, “Your Story: Freedom Alive.”  Former state senate president Andrews declared, “.America’s future depends on […]

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