Right turn could reach campuses, say student panelists

(’76 Editor) Student conservative leaders from three colleges told a Centennial Institute forum last night that they sense growing receptivity among their generation for a right-trending political mood of self-reliance and limited government.


Issue Monday, our regular monthly series resuming in 2010, packed a CCU Business School classroom with an audience ranging from teens to senior citizens. Also present were two congressional candidates and a recent CCU graduate who is running for State House.

I served as moderator for the 90-minute session (linked here as a podcast) where Sean Doherty, Jimmy Sengenberger, and Megan Brophy related their political experiences, quizzed each other about lessons learned, and took questions from the audience.


Brophy, the daughter of Colorado State Sen. Greg Brophy, said her College Republicans chapter wants to tap CCU’s potential to “become the Hillsdale of the West.” Sengenberger, a regular contributor on this blog, told how his weekly Internet radio show helps him warn fellow students that “politics affects everything you hope to do or be.” Doherty, who started a constitutional-themed newspaper on his campus—which administrators tagged “extremist”—drew on his marketing studies to recommend a “listen to the customer” approach for political outreach.


Click for the “Seng Center” online talk show hosted by Jimmy Sengenberger. Click for the Constitutional Reporter paper edited by Sean Doherty.

From right: Sean Doherty of Metropolitan State College, Jimmy Sengenberger of Regis College, Megan Brophy of Colorado Christian University.

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