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Tax talk for Limited Government Forum

(’76 Editor) A Colorado Springs citizens group working against over-government hosted me for a luncheon talk on April 28. The Limited Government Forum’s theme this month was Tax Freedom Day 2010, which falls on April 9 if you exclude the deficit or on a near-record May 17 if borrowing is counted. My comments on “Independence or Dependence: The Choice is Ours” drew upon an upcoming Denver Post column, a warning from Scottish historian Alexander Tytler, and a Rudyard Kipling poem. Those materials are linked here: Andrews at LG Forum 042810.doc (39.00 kb)

If Dems prevail, no more voting on taxes

(Centennial Fellow) After imposing more than $1 billion a year in tax and fee increases – without once seeking voter approval – liberal Democrats in the Colorado legislature now want voters to permit them to raise taxes without limitation and without ever asking voters again.

Can you say, “Oblivious to irony”? Continue reading

Freedom at the tipping point

(Denver Post, Apr. 18) “The British are coming,” Paul Revere’s alarm to the Massachusetts countryside on this day in 1775, conveys an urgency you don’t get from the equivalent warning of 2010, “The bankruptcy is coming.”

Fact is, though, fiscal implosion threatens the aging United States of today as grimly as the redcoats threatened the newborn nation of 235 years ago. The question is whether Americans will come awake as the patriots did on that historic night, or sleepwalk into the abyss. I fear for our country, optimist that I am, because the answer is not clear. Continue reading

America’s new foreign policy: Weak & dangerous

In the 1930s Franklin Roosevelt realized that U.S. leadership and power were the indispensable elements in any acceptable world order and with extraordinary skill and courage overcame the forces of isolationism in his own country and moved America to the forefront of the titanic struggle against Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

Ever since then the United States has accepted its role as the world’s principal champion of freedom and chief guarantor of international stability. In pursuing this mission the United States has made many mistakes both large and small, but any credible historical analysis recognizes that on balance America has been the world’s greatest force for good throughout the period in question. Continue reading

Workshop explores restoring Western Civ in classrooms

“Best Practices in Teaching Western Civilization” was the topic for an all-day workshop hosted at Colorado Christian University by the Centennial Institute on April 16. Over 30 educators from across the state, representing five colleges and three high schools, took part.

President Bill Armstrong summoned the gathering to build on CCU’s new curriculum requirement for every freshman to take Western Civ as a cornerstone for subsequent courses in whatever major the student eventually chooses. In keynoting the day, Armstrong challenged participants to work against the “intellectual Alzheimer’s” that threatens our heritage of liberty. Continue reading

Tea Party: My three concerns

(CCU Student) This past Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend my first Tea Party in the State of Colorado. I woke up at 5:00 to get down there and help out with former CCU student Mark Barrington (now running for state House) set up his campaign tent, as well as chat with different organizations about their movements pertaining to the Tea Party. I encountered three scenarios that I want to share with you regarding the legitimacy of the Tea Party: The number of Jane Norton supporters, the smear campaigning that the Tea Party promotes, and the potential danger that the Tea Party poses to not only the State of Colorado, but each of the fifty states in the upcoming midterm election. Continue reading

Out to discredit the advocates of limited government

(’76 Contributor) Next time you read a news story about racism at Tea Parties from some dishonest source like the NYT’s Bob Herbert, bear in mind this Crash the Tea Party website.

Here are some people openly recruiting infiltrators to pose as Tea Partiers and behave in ways intended to reflect badly on the Tea Parties, so as to damage the public perception of the movement. Since the claims that Herbert made have failed to be corroborated in the multiple videos of the events in question, that pre-established narrative must now be bolstered by whatever means necessary. Continue reading

Student Republicans from CCU attend 4/15 Tea Party

(CCU Faculty) The Colorado Christian University chapter of the College Republicans sponsored a trip to the Colorado State Capitol for the 2010 Tax Day Tea Party. Twelve students attended the rally on the Capitol steps, joining thousands of other protesters.

Many news reports suggest various demographic biases (too white, too rich, too educated, too…). Tut as best we could see, the gathered group at the state capitol was a cross section of Colorado, with great ethnic, age and socio-economic diversity. Continue reading

Justice Stevens and the shadow of death

(’76 Contributor) The many ways in which Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has weakened our Constitution were outlined in David Harsanyi’s recent Denver Post column. However, Harsanyi left out the “penumbra,” which not only softened the Constitution, but also killed many people, which is far worse than any examples the column detailed.

In the fateful Roe v. Wade decision of 1973, Justice Stevens found a “penumbra” or a shadow in the 14th Amendment and constructed an “abortion right” that has killed 50,000,000 babies in the womb. President Obama said that Justice Steven “applied the Constitution and the laws of the land with fidelity and restraint.”

If that is restraint, how many more babies will be killed with the next appointee?

Changing & changing back: Have we the stomach?

(CCU Student) For the past few years, Americans have heard countless mentions of change and changing America. In 2008, the people voted for a form of change that they thought they wanted. A break from the “old” way of doing things and a transition into a new day of prosperity and wealth for all. And after not even two years, we seem to desire yet another change. The eyes of the voters have been opened to how the Obama administration and other progressives operate within a shroud of secrecy. We were promised transparency and bipartisan efforts but instead have seen intimidation, back room deals, midnight meetings, and political maneuvering. And that was just to get all of the Democrats to fall in line. The opposition on the other hand, was completely shut out of the process of creating legislation. Americans have seen a glimpse of the progressive system and are beginning to realize that it is not what we want. Continue reading