‘In Dire Need,’ student’s vocal prelude to poverty seminar

As the Centennial Institute / Heritage Foundation seminar on ‘Seek the Welfare of the City” approached its climax on Nov. 11 with a talk by Robert Woodson of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise, CCU senior Cha’Rel Wright brought down the house with an a capella performance of her own spiritual solo, ‘In Dire Need to End Poverty.” Here are the lyrics:

In Dire Need to End Poverty
Written by Cha’Rel Wright
Who will lead us? Who will go? Stand up for us.
Do you know we need the help of your hands?
Please say you do understand.
We’re in dire need, to end poverty.
It’s a big task, but all things are possible through Jesus Christ;
that’s one reason He gave His life.
No matter what the others say,
we will win if we start today.
We’re in dire need, to end poverty.
Children are dying because there isn’t much to eat.
Mothers are crying as they’re on their way to sleep.
And it’s not because of you, and it’s not because of me.
But understand there is no “I” when we spell “WE”.
We will lead them! We will go! Stand up for them!
Yes we know they need the help of our hands.
We can’t say we don’t understand.
We can’t say we don’t understand.
We’re in dire need, to end poverty.
Copyright © 2010 – Cha’Rel Wright

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