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Property rights win a round against RTD steamroller

Today’s Denver Post played the land–use story out of Adams County from a sympathetic angle favoring woebegone developer John Renne, prominently quoted as saying: “It will definitely hinder my ability to create jobs on the property.” How sad—and how awkward for Alice Nichol and other politicians, who had to eat their earlier words of support for Renne. Continue reading

Will Sen. Bennet engender buyers’ remorse?

(’76 Contributor) The elections have been over for over a month now. It’s time to take a look at the choices we made, so that we can understand and take full responsibility for them. Amid a heated and very closely monitored senatorial race, fellow Coloradoans made their voices heard and elected former appointed Sen. Michael Bennet to represent us at the United States Senate. This was done, despite many obvious concerns over the candidate’s ability to truly and effectively speak on our behalf. Continue reading

Four belief systems face off in CCU workshop

Centennial Institute assisted Bill Armstrong, president of Colorado Christian University, in presenting a world religions panel for a half–day workshop of all CCU faculty and staff at the Lakewood campus on Friday, Dec. 10. With a theme of “This I Believe,” thought–leaders of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and atheism offered summations of their faith and sparred amicably with each other in response to audience questions. Continue reading

As McDaniels ill served the Broncos, Obama ill serves us all

(CCU Faculty) So our beloved Broncos have found their home next to the Titanic. At the bottom. In a sea of darkness. Hopes and dreams quite literally drowned. This development was as predictable as daylight to many of us when young Josh McDaniels was named coach less than two years ago. McDaniels carried with him the seeds of his and the Broncos destruction. In a phrase, the catastrophe is summed up in the proverb; “Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.” (Proverbs 16:18) But it is instructive to break it down. Continue reading

WackyLeaks ‘11: Hick to Iowa, Hillary to War, Sarah to State

Head On, long a feature on TV in Denver and now presented by Centennial Institute, this month offers a friendly disagreement about whether Nancy Pelosi is one of the winners or sinners of 2010. But there is something closer to unanimity on Gov. John Hickenlooper’s continued quirkiness in 2011.

Reviewing the old year in the December round of mini–debates, John Andrews lauds the American worker while Susan Barnes–Gelt pans the Tea Party. And hold the presses—what’s this about Palin joining Obama’s cabinet? Continue reading

2011 events kick off with Immigration Debate, Jan. 12

Next Monday, Dec. 13, Centennial Institute will assist President Bill Armstrong in welcoming Gov. Bill Ritter for a return visit to the CCU campus. Ritter spoke here during his campaign for governor in 2006. He joins us again during his final month in office.

*** Scroll down for a complete calendar of events, December 2010 to April 2011 ***

for a noontime talk in the CCU Events Center to review the accomplishments, challenges, and lessons of the past four years. Continue reading

Spending lobby to seek higher income & sales taxes in 2011

Former State Rep. Penn Pfiffner, a leader with the Colorado Union of Taxpayers, writes as follows in a mass email this evening:

[Wanted you to have] the message of a proposed tax increase on the 2011 ballot. The very leftist Fiscal Policy Center offers a measure for the next election. It would mandate progressive income tax rates for personal and corporate levels. It would also expand a 2.7% sales tax to services—except for health care. Continue reading