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Readers criticize Boykin essay on Islam & religious freedom

Centennial Review, the monthly speech digest from Centennial Institute, welcomes comments and concerns from our readers. The current issue on “Sharia Law or the Constitution? America Must Choose,” by Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin, US Army (Ret.), drew adverse reactions from James Moore of Lakewood, Colorado, on a side issue in the discussion (polygamy) and from Karen Stein of Dakota Dunes, SD, on the General’s main argument about limits to religious freedom. Continue reading

Lincoln’s Birthday 2011

Abraham Lincoln, born 202 years ago today, saved the Union and helped Americans closer to realizing the promise of our Declaration of Independence. From my long shelf of books about him, I especially recommend “Vindicating Lincoln” by Krannawitter, “Redeemer President” by Guelzo, “Crisis of the House Divided” and “New Birth of Freedom” by Jaffa, and “Abraham Lincoln: Theologian of American Anguish” by Trueblood.

The Most Dangerous Movie of 2011

(CCU Student) Recently, I was able to attend the first public showing of “I Am”, a documentary film directed, conceived and funded by Tom Shadyac. Mr. Shadyac was able to fund his film through his enormous success in directing blockbuster comedies such as; “Ace Ventura”, “The Nutty Professor” and “Bruce Almighty”. The screening was shown at Denver University (free to all Colorado students) complete with a Q/A session with Tom Shadyac himself. Continue reading

Reclaiming Reagan: Win One for the Gipper

(’76 Contributor) It hurts me deeply to see good, hard working Americans struggling to find jobs. These Americans don’t want a penny from the government; they want a job. They want to experience the self worth and sense of accomplishment that comes with putting food on the table on one’s own accord, not on the forced benevolence of unknown taxpayers. They want to talk about their kids’ days, a family vacation, or the quintessential football family rivalry but it is apparent that family finances, how are we going to pay the bills, how are we going to send the kids to college, am I going to get laid off, have come to dominate dinner tables around our nation. Continue reading

What the Muslim Brotherhood Wants: A Primer

In light of recent events in Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, and elsewhere, it is important to understand that the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is at the root of these events, and is simply following their strategic plan. The Global Islamic Movement (led by the MB) is now seizing power in these countries according to their World Underground Movement Plan (see below). What we are witnessing in Egypt is simple to understand when done so in light of the Brotherhood’s stated objectives, documents, and the writings/speeches of their key leaders. Continue reading

Pilate’s question, echoed by MacDonald, faces us all

p>George MacDonald, the 19th–century Scots preacher and writer whom C. S. Lewis hailed as “my master,” left us not only a shelf of wonderful sermons and novels, but also a little book of devotional verses, one for each day of the year, which he called Diary of an Old Soul. I keep it with my Bible and usually read that morning’s verse to start my devotions. His entry for yesterday, February 3, is one of my favorites: Continue reading

Obama should stick to budget diet

(Centennial Fellow) President Barack Obama, in his State of the Union speech, praised deficit reduction while pledging deficit enlargement, coming across like a phony dieter sneaking ice cream. Only he wasn’t sneaking it. He was as much as licking the spoon in front of the nation as he said implausibly that we’ve got to have splurges of the kind that got us in trouble. Continue reading