Could funding squeeze help schools? Analysts say yes

A second consecutive year of sharp reductions to K–12 education funding in Colorado, proposed Gov. John Hickenlooper’s budget, could actually help public schools improve learning performance and break out of a 30–year “Groundhog Day” cycle of ineffectual reforms endlessly repeated.

That was the argument by Centennial Institute fellows William Moloney and Krista Kafer at Issue Monday, Feb. 28 in the CCU Beckman Center.

Hear the full podcast of Moloney & Kafer’s briefing. [mp3:Issue Monday 2.28.11.mp3] Moloney was Colorado Education Commissioner, 1997–2007, and has held senior education policy posts in a half–dozen other states and countries. Kafer directed education policy for the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC, and is now does quality evaluations for charter schools.

The briefing was based on Moloney’s Centennial Institute policy brief, Much Better Schools on Much Lower Budgets, published in December 2010 and available here: Centennial%20Policy%20Brief%20No.%202010–2

His fact sheet for Issue Monday is here: Moloney 022811 Education Costs & Results

Krista Kafer and Centennial Institute director John Andrews flank former Commissioner William Moloney in the final “lightning round” of school reform questions at Issue Monday, Feb. 28.

Moloney 022811 Education Costs & Results.doc

Moloney 022811 Education Costs & Results.doc

Centennial Policy Brief No. 2010–2.pdf

Centennial Policy Brief No. 2010–2.pdf

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    His initiatives, which he outlined during a visit to York on Tuesday, may work for some children but it”s hard to see how they will bolster the constitutional principle of a free and public education.


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