Monthly Archives: April 2011

For good or ill, the Ryan Plan is hardly radical

(’76 Contributor) Question for those of you concerned about the size of federal debts and deficits: Would you endorse a plan which would add another five or six trillion dollars to the federal debt over the next decade while increasing Uncle Sam’s annual expenditures by $1.1 trillion? If so, you’re in luck. House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R–WI) recently unveiled just such a plan. Continue reading

Trial lawyer logic: Right to sue more important than jobs

(Centennial Fellow) To hear trial lawyers and their anti–business enablers tell it, the only thing that prevents Colorado employers from literally chaining workers to their desks is the “right to sue” their dastardly bosses. In this fantasy world, plaintiffs’ attorneys never bring frivolous lawsuits and fired employees never file dubious claims motivated but grudges against their former employers. Continue reading

Kudos to Boehner for pro–taxpayer, pro–life stand

(CCU Student) The last few weeks, Americans had to go through an exhausting debate on the federal budget that lead to the fear of a government shutdown. The Republican Party (Tea Partiers especially) underwent vast criticism for their willingness to risk government shutdowns over spending cuts. In the end however Republican House Majority leader John Boehner was able to negotiate a settlement where there were $35–39billion worth of spending cuts where passed in the next six month budget while taking a largely underrated stand on federal funding as it relates to abortion rights, all while avoiding the government shutdown. Continue reading