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Raise debt ceiling, live to regret it, warned Armstrong in ‘78

Could it be the past is prologue in terms of a political price to pay for letting the national debt grow endlessly? With high stakes electorally as fiscally in the upcoming battle over raising the debt ceiling, hop in my time machine and travel back a third of a century to 1978.

Bill Armstrong, president of Colorado Christian University today and a young congressman back then, Continue reading

2012 Election: It’s Still the Economy, Stupid

(Centennial Fellow) The President has scored a stunning foreign policy triumph. The country rejoices. Praise for the President’s leadership and the prowess of those soldiers he sent in harm’s way is bi–partisan and near universal. The pundits say this singular accomplishment probably assures the President’s re–election. The most attractive of his possible opponents in the other party decide that this isn’t their year. Those who are willing to run seem unappealing and poll poorly. Continue reading