Monthly Archives: June 2011

No ‘czars’ needed, thank you

(’76 Contributor) In the June 2011 issue of Natural History, Stanford University biology professor Deborah Gordon explains, “Ant colonies work without central control … No ant gives instructions to another, or decides for another what needs to be done … Without anyone in charge, colonies respond effectively to a changing world. Stuff happens to an ant colony … and the colony reacts by adjusting … An ant makes moment-to-moment decisions …” Continue reading

Bias in the news? Yep.

There was NBC’s Andrea Mitchell a while back, huffily saying that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had treated President Barack Obama “like a schoolboy” in disagreeing publicly about enemy–surrounded, tiny Israel giving up borders providing it with a crucial buffer zone in event of war. Continue reading

Economic growth: Texas shows how & Calif. how not to

(Centennial Fellow) So what example should America follow, that of deficit–slaughtering, budget–cutting, seriously limited government in Texas, which has added 730,000 jobs in the past decade, or that of regulation–happy, spend–mercilessly, owe–everything, flee–this–place–quickly California, which has lost 600,000 jobs during the same period? Continue reading