Monthly Archives: October 2011

‘Letter from the Future’ warns America may not see 2076

Does America face inevitable decline? The symptoms are increasing, historians warn that great nations tend to fade after 200–250 years, and Mark Steyn’s new book, After America: Get Ready for Armageddon, predicts regretfully that odds are against the USA maintaining its greatness.

My own book Responsibility Reborn: A Citizen’s Guide to the Next American Century (Denali Press, 2011) takes a more hopeful, but still guarded, outlook. Continue reading

Baptists, bootleggers, and Wall Street protesters

(Centennial Fellow) Across the nation, thousands are protesting Wall Street financial institutions and other corporations that are making more money than people make, as if corporate wage earners and shareholders aren’t people.The crowds are mostly expressing a “general frustration,” one reporter explains.

Or massive confusion easily exploited, maybe? The protesters seem to like President Obama. Continue reading

Reaching my own definition of conservatism

(CCU Student) What is conservatism? Why are YOU conservative? These questions were asked of students attending the Young America’s Foundation National Conservative Student Conference this summer in D.C. (August 1-6, 2011). The conference was an opportunity to explore conservatism today and apply it to our own lives.

The media today is overwhelmed by liberal talk shows, news anchors, and bias; so it’s a good idea to know what you believe and why. Continue reading