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Rubio rocks the house at CPAC

(CCU Student) In a powerful speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington on Thursday, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) did what he does best: he rocked the house.

He extolled the American example. He said “The greatest thing we can do for the world is to be America.” In other words, we need to show the world why America is great, why we are prosperous, and why we are free. The world has seen how great America is and wants to emulate us. Why not show them exactly why? Rubio compelled attendees to vote for those who would do exactly that. Continue reading

Conservatives, it’s time to embrace your candidate

(CCU Student) Before Tuesday, many conservatives were left scratching their heads. After a 2008 primary that netted them a lukewarm–at–best McCain Presidential bid, conservatives vowed to never again let themselves be so poorly represented. Yet there we were, just a few days ago, left with Mitt Romney leading the pack with all of his blahness and only an artificial glimmer of conservative principle. Continue reading

Can Santorum parlay hat trick into nomination?

(Centennial Fellow) Nice guys Don’t always finish last. Sometimes they win three states in a single day.

Rick Santorum’s improbable hat trick – sweeping Republican presidential contests in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado – provided yet another surprise in a wildly unpredictable nominating process. It also ensures that the primary season will last longer, that we will learn more about candidates’ strengths and weaknesses, and that voters in more states will have a say in selecting Barack Obama’s opponent. Continue reading

Obama’s ‘false compromise’ still tramples religious liberty

(Editor: Here is today’s press release from the attorneys for Colorado Christian University in its suit against Obamacare’s infringement of religious freedom.)

Washington, Feb. 10 – Facing a political firestorm, the administration today announced its intent to make partial changes to a controversial rule that would require religious institutions, in violation of their conscience, to pay for contraception, sterilization, and abortifacient drugs. But the changes still leave out hundreds, if not thousands of religious organizations, businesses, and individuals that would still be forced to violate their religious beliefs. Continue reading

Protestants, Catholics & Jews unite against HHS mandate

As the Obama administration clumsily attempts damage control on the HHS mandate for religious institutions to pay for abortifacient drugs, abortion counseling, sterilization, and contraception, Americans must not lose sight of the full scope and menace of this First Amendment outrage.

Catholics are up in arms, and rightly so, at the insult of being “allowed” one year to accept Caesar’s negation of their 2000-year commitment to the sanctity of life. Continue reading

The myth of ‘government money’

Another bailout—mortgage banks, this time. Issuing and taking loans requires careful, fact–based deliberation by both the lending agency and the loan recipient. Instead, those making irresponsible fiscal decisions rely on the government to bail them out.

But there is no “government money” to fund such largesse. The only money that any government has was taken from us taxpayers.

Government agencies extract money from us, spend much of it on themselves, and dole out the remainder to buy votes.

And then they play a finger-pointing blame–game to distract us from their deeply flawed self–interest, all the while ensuring us that there will be no more costly bailouts.

Obama’s assault on faith

(Centennial Fellow) The latest embarrassment from President Barack Obama is more than an embarrassment. It’s an assault on faith that begins with a 2,500–page health care bill enacted with no one expected to read it except the bureaucrats paid to translate its obscurities into thousands more pages of regulations.

After a prolonged look at a phrase that could have been interpreted multiple ways, the president and the masters of your life in the Department of Health and Human Services bypassed the sensible and decreed we are now in the age of mandated contraception coverage, one step closer to Utopian bliss. Continue reading

Why I believe in Mitt

(CU Grad Student) I’ve been like most Republicans … riding the wave after wave of candidates. Let me be more frank, I’m a recovering Perry supporter, who rode the Cain Train, and hesitatingly got off on Newt Station. So now, I believe in Mitt. Why?

[Editor’s Note: ‘76 Blog is editorially neutral in elections and between parties. We welcome all points of view. Continue reading