Monthly Archives: April 2012

After fighting honorably, Santorum must face reality

I like Rick Santorum. I voted for him. I even donated to his campaign. I believe that he is a credible conservative who could provide a striking contrast to Barack Obama and who could resonate with blue-collar voters.

Santorum is a good person, but a good person must also recognize when he’s fighting because he has a chance to win and when he’s fighting just to be fighting. Continue reading

‘Parliament has not the competence’

(‘76 Editor) Is there any limit to the power of Congress? That’s really the question we heard argued before the Supreme Court in last week’s Obamacare debate, and which the nine justices are now sorting out as the nation waits.

I know, I know, the case turns specifically on how far the Constitution’s commerce clause or necessary and proper clause can be stretched to justify the individual mandate for everyone to buy health insurance (or burial insurance, or cell phones, or broccoli). Continue reading

Tipping point on federal overreach is near

(Centennial Fellow) The federal government wants power, far more power than the Constitution grants, because, after all, officials Don’t trust mere citizens to do the right things in their lives, and who better to instruct them than their betters in D.C.?

But there that darned Constitution sits, limiting federal sway in the interest of liberty, at least if one looks at what its words obviously mean. Continue reading