Monthly Archives: January 2013

Collision of worldviews portends a stormy future

(Centennial Fellow) The recent US presidential election embraced secularism as the favored worldview in America. The “melting pot” of traditional America is now being replaced with an advanced model of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is characterized by the cultural and moral relativism of the secular worldview. Secularism has been firmly established in Europe for many years. European secularism has yielded lower birth rates, lower economic growth, higher government presence in the economy and culture, reduced church attendance, increased tensions regarding religious freedom, and a growing sense that European failures of secularism bode poorly for the prospects of the continent. Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution for Congress

Among the most popular New Year’s Day resolutions for the average American is to better manage personal finances. We determine to pay down debts, cut back on expenses, and even save a little for a rainy day. Not so with Congress which resolved in the wee hours of the morning on January 2nd to add to the national debt, increase spending, and raise taxes.

With the biggest tax hike in two decades, Coloradans earning more than $250,000 will pay higher taxes. Continue reading

I payed for what?

This week Congress passed a bill that raised taxes, increased spending, gave tax breaks to big business, and added to the deficit. Congress conveniently forgot to address out-of-control spending, the $16 trillion debt, and entitlement reform. Oops, so much for campaign promises.

Last year, Congress spent $3.6 trillion of our money. Having borrowed 40 cents of every dollar it spent, Continue reading