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Double agony as Broncos & Longhorns both fade

After moving to the Denver area four months ago, I have become intrigued with the commitment this area has for their NFL team.

After spending the last four weeks of the NFL regular season watching the Broncos throw away their shot at the playoffs, one thought kept entering my head: I’m glad I’m not a die-hard Broncs fan. Continue reading

A new fan’s Bronco blues

(’76 Contributor) Since moving to Denver from Houston in October, I’ve found it been impossible not to pick up on the love affair this city has with the Broncos. It’s a topic that everyone has an opinion on, and everywhere you go on gameday you feel the team’s presence. Unfortunately, on this “day after,” the city is asking itself one thing: What happened to the Broncos?.

They entered the year with low expectations from those outside of Denver (including, at the time, me) due to the chaos within the team’s lockerroom and the fact they had a rookie head coach in Josh McDaniels who seemed to be losing control of his team before the season even began. Continue reading

Texas transplant impressed with Denver sports scene

“76 Contributor) As one of the many transplants who have moved from Texas to Colorado, I’ve picked up on several interesting differences between the sports scenes in Houston and Denver.

Denver is one of the most unique sports cities in the country with an eclectic mix of competition for fans to take in. Continue reading