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Students Grapple With the Costs of War—Operation Anaconda Simulation

Washington D.C. – Monday, May 14th CCU students gathered on the top floor of the American Enterprise Institute. The room could almost be mistaken for a combat command room thanks to AEI scholars leading students into a military simulation of the March 2002 Operation Anaconda during the Afghanistan war. The operation lasted several days and resulted in a Coalition victory with nearly 100 casualties and 500-800 Taliban killed. Continue reading

Arthur Brooks on “The Road to Freedom”—Washington Week Trip

Wednesday night, Washington, D.C. – American Enterprise Institute & Heritage Foundation scholars, media members, writers, donors, Congressmen gather along with 20 CCU Washington Week students & faculty. The occasion; Arthur Brooks, president of AEI, is speaking about his new book, “The Road to Freedom”. The lecture focused on the battle between conservatives & liberals in the public square. Brooks explained that as president of AEI it is clear that the truth and statistical backing rests within the conservative ideas and policies. Despite this, the left is winning the battle. Continue reading

Cincinnatus-like Service or a Principled Retreat?

My time in D.C. with the CCU and Centennial Institute Washington Week clan began with not the greatest of surprises – after driving 1,670 miles from Denver my car’s fuel pump failed just twenty miles short of our destination. Sparing you further details of the dilemma; I had a very interesting discussion with the driver of the tow truck, Kevin. Kevin made it very clear that he backed Obama for re-election. After unsuccessfully prying into his reasoning for such a stance, I began to lose hope for the discussion. Continue reading

Conservatives, it’s time to embrace your candidate

(CCU Student) Before Tuesday, many conservatives were left scratching their heads. After a 2008 primary that netted them a lukewarm–at–best McCain Presidential bid, conservatives vowed to never again let themselves be so poorly represented. Yet there we were, just a few days ago, left with Mitt Romney leading the pack with all of his blahness and only an artificial glimmer of conservative principle. Continue reading

Arthur Brooks provides statistical reinforcement for God’s marital dynamic

As a Conservative I hold to certain facets of marriage; these include, but are not limited to, the positive social and economic effects of same-sex marriages on spouses and their children. As a Christian, I am aware of the more beautiful truth that these statistical, practical and political realities aim at. The decisive correlations between healthy marriage and a wide array of positive deeds has peaked my interest towards deeper study of this subject. Continue reading

Occupy Denver: An abyss of envy and blame

It is in times like these that I wish I were a great mind, well versed in psychological theory. But then again, I feel Freud himself would struggle to rationalize the behavior of most Occupy Wall Street members.

On a recent Saturday, eight CCU students went down to the State Capitol to volunteer for an event hosted by the Colorado Prayer Caucus. Heading into Denver, we discussed the possibility of a few “Occupy” protestors—when we arrived we discovered a much larger and louder crowd than expected. Continue reading

The Most Dangerous Movie of 2011

(CCU Student) Recently, I was able to attend the first public showing of “I Am”, a documentary film directed, conceived and funded by Tom Shadyac. Mr. Shadyac was able to fund his film through his enormous success in directing blockbuster comedies such as; “Ace Ventura”, “The Nutty Professor” and “Bruce Almighty”. The screening was shown at Denver University (free to all Colorado students) complete with a Q/A session with Tom Shadyac himself. Continue reading