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Middle America loves Wal–Mart, even if the left doesn’t

It is increasingly rare to find a report in the media that shows America’s largest employer, Wal–Mart, or any large corporation for that matter, in a positive or even neutral light. A loud minority have waged a cultural and public war against Wal–Mart, referring to and viewing it as an evil corporation, a burden on the economy, and even an oppressor of the lower class. But these viewpoints are erroneous and have been disproved by multiple studies showing that Wal–Mart’s existence is favorable to our country as a whole, while also providing benefits to millions of individuals, especially to those within the lower class. Continue reading

Reed inspires students for political and spiritual leadership

(CCU Student) This past Tuesday evening, Ralph Reed, a conservative political activist, delivered a speech in a crowded room on the Campus of Colorado Christian University. Reed spoke masterfully of the relationship between Christianity and politics, stressing the importance of the knowledge and involvement of the citizenry in both arenas. Hearing Reed’s speech greatly reinforced an excitement I hold for the future of Colorado Christian University and its alumni. Continue reading