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Shutdown: Who benefits short- and long-term?

By the time you read this, “The Shutdown” may be over, but the first ten days did reveal some things worth noting. In purely random order they include the following:

The conventional wisdom endlessly trumpeted by the “mainstream media” is that the shutdown is a disaster for Republicans.  Yet the very fluid first week polls on “Blame” averaged 44%  of the people pointing the finger at Republicans, and 35% at Democrats- bad numbers for the GOP, but hardly catastrophic. Continue reading

Three traps for Republicans to avoid

(Hilton Head, S.C.) Long ago in Boston a standard joke heard in Beacon Hill public houses was that politicians told their wives that they simply had to go to bars to escape reporters, while conversely reporters told their editors that they simply had to go to bars to find politicians.

Accordingly I felt myself to be participating in a Grand Tradition when I joined a politically connected friend in a local watering hole after a night of watching GOP Primary returns at a gathering of Beaufort County Republicans. Continue reading

Australia, Empire, and the Deeper Exceptionalism

(Sydney) Ranking sixth among the world’s geographical behemoths—behind Russia, Canada, China, United States, and Brazil—Australia at 2.9 million square miles is almost identical in size and similar in shape to America’s original forty-eight states.

Very sparsely populated like neighboring New Zealand Australia’s population of twenty–two million is smaller than Texas. By reason of limited access to scarce water resources 90% of Australians are concentrated on just 2.6% of the country’s real estate. Continue reading

Fumbled fiscal fix was the least bad deal available

(Boston) Beyond the extravagantly and justly praised Lincoln the best of the holiday movies is the riveting Ben Affleck vehicle Argo based on the true story of the daring rescue of six American Embassy employees hiding in the Canadian Embassy during the 1979 Teheran Hostage Crisis.

When questioned by Secretary of State Cyrus Vance about alternatives to the bizarre scheme of creating a fake Hollywood movie as a cover for the escape the CIA agent who would lead the rescue (Affleck) replies: “There are no good ideas, sir. Only bad ones but this is the least bad one” while making clear that doing nothing would be worse still. Continue reading

To outflank Obama, Boehner should give this speech

(Centennial Fellow)In the aftermath of every Republican Presidential defeat in the last half century the Democrats aided and abetted by the “mainstream” media have declared the GOP to be dead, on the “wrong side of history’’ and about to disappear like the Whigs.

The template for this tactic was set following Lyndon Johnson’s thrashing of Barry Goldwater in 1964. Continue reading

As campaign parade fades, America’s new reality persists

(San Francisco) In America in general and this Magical City in particular some things haven’t changed at all since November 6th. The porterhouse down at John’s Grille on Ellis, and the salmon at the Tadich Grille over on California is as good as ever. Biking from Fishermans’s Wharf through the Presidio up onto and across the Golden Gate Bridge still offers one of the world’s most spectacular panoramas of land and sea. A solitary Kayak excursion out on the Bay watched by the occasional curious seal still confers a special serenity. An early morning walk through the cool ground fog enshrouded Muir Woods amidst towering thousand year old Giant Redwoods remains an almost spiritual perspective on the meaning of Time. A reunion with children long absent in faraway places is a reminder that the fundamental things in life still apply. Continue reading