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The monkey-wrench in Obamacare

In 1975 Edward Abbey wrote his most famous literary work, The Monkey
Wrench Gang. It postulated a vision of environmental activism that
eventually manifested world-wide. Within two decades the environmental
community had gone on the offense to defend owls and prevent bulldozers
from building logging roads. They burned ski run chalets and climbed trees
to prevent redwoods from being cut. I believe that the recent election of
opposition threatens to monkey-wrench Obamacare, aka, the Affordable Care
Act. Continue reading

A family reunion and deficit spending

(’76 Contributor) I just returned from a family reunion in Sioux Falls, SD, the same day Congress raised the debt ceiling. Family reunions are interesting because a large, extended family represents a statistical sample from which one can infer much of what going on in the World. It is obvious that young people are struggling, leaving their small towns and migrating to urban areas. They are taking upwards of 6 years to get their undergraduate degrees and graduate debt–ridden. Continue reading

Where the next bubbles are & how Colorado will know

(’76 Contributor) Alan Greenspan, an august recent chair of the Federal Reserve, articulated what is generally believed; economic bubbles are hard to identify and little can be done about it anyway. If you consult Wikipedia you will discover that since the creation of the Fed in 1913, we have had numerous depressions and recessions in a pattern not unlike before the Fed began tinkering with the economy. This means we are constantly playing catch–up after ma and pa’s pension is decimated, their home loses it value and everyone but trust fund babies and attractive women lose their jobs. Continue reading

Douglas County emerges as a health care powerhouse

(’76 Contributor) I have often wondered what propels the Douglas County economy and enables it to be the 8th most affluent and highly educated county in the United States. Many believe that the engine of growth was real estate development or big box retailing. Maybe, but a recent project I managed suggests a labor force concentrated in the health care field is the real underlying strength of the local economy. Continue reading