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The White House isn’t Obama’s, it’s ours

There he goes again … our self-absorbed, ego-centric, narcissistic President. He plays the blame game better than anyone, taking no responsibility whatsoever for: his monumental deficit spending; his unprecedented national debt excesses; his expensive and unnecessary auto industry bailout; his appointment of dozens of unaccountable czars; his many other failed initiatives, including his failed fast and furious gun program; and his loose-lipped White House team who don’t understand that national security secrets are just that…they are secrets and they are not to be shared. Continue reading

Bag madness in Seattle

Here we go again. Leave it to government, in this case the City of Seattle, to find new and creative ways to reach into your pocketbook and grab more of your hard-earned cash. Recently, the Seattle City Council voted for a 20-cent tax/fee on every plastic or paper bag you use to take your groceries home.

Years ago, in the early stages of the environmental movement we were advised that the production of paper bags kills trees and emits high levels of greenhouse gases and that’s not good. Soon thereafter, strong, lightweight, low-cost, water resistant plastic bags came along years ago to help save trees, a renewable resource by the way. As the environmental movement gained popularity it was determined that plastic bags were also an environmental hazard since they are not biodegradable. Continue reading