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Whatever happened to ‘Made in America’?

Being a fifth grader isn’t too hard other than avoiding the sixth grade bullies, playing it safe in playground politics, partaking in cafeteria trading which would give a NYSE trader a run for his money, and making sure you didn’t sit too close to the girls because you didn’t want to be accused of being in love and wanting to marry her. Fifth grade was also my first memory of conceptualizing the grandeur of our democracy manifested in the 1996 election, where the entire student body of my elementary school was sent to the gym for a mock debate between Bill Clinton and Bob Dole. Continue reading

Meet Army 2LT Karthik Venkatraj

I am blessed to be in Colorado but I am most blessed because I have the absolute honor of calling myself an American. My mother and father are my inspiration. My father dreamt of coming to America and conferred with his family about his desire. His sister agreed to sell her gold to purchase a ticket for the young couple to come to America in addition to some spending money—one hundred dollars. They started their life in the mire of desperation and poverty in one room of a terrible apartment in Brooklyn, New York City, where I was born. Continue reading