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Gallup Poll Shows War-on-Women Strategy Not Working

During this election season, the Left’s appeals to me as a woman have been below the belt. Literally. The Colorado Democratic Party has sent me three mailers in the past few weeks about birth control. I have yet to receive anything that appeals to my heart, mind or spirit. I’ve been checking the mailbox but thus far no mail on my role as a small businesswoman, as a community volunteer, as a taxpayer, as a citizen, as a grad student, or even as a dog owner. Sadly, there’s been no appeal north of the belly button. Continue reading

The American Dream

What do the words “American Dream” call to mind? A home with a car in the driveway (perhaps another in the garage), a couple of kids and a golden retriever? A job you like, that pays well, and employs your talents? Or is something less tangible like freedom, equality, and opportunity?

For a lot of Americans, the American Dream means not just doing well, but doing better than the previous generation and looking forward as the next generation flying even higher. Continue reading

I voted for Michael Dukakis

It was my first election and I was a registered Democrat. As a young, single woman attending college in Boulder, Colorado, no one was surprised that my choice for president was the Governor of Massachusetts, Michael Dukakis. To be honest, I was a bit to the left of the governor. I looked longingly at Europe where students attended college for free. I was smitten with the idea of free health care, free tuition, high taxation and cradle to grave care. Europeans seemed so enlightened and compassionate. Americans, by contrast, seemed stingy and backward. Continue reading

No Coincidence: Troubling Link Between Government Spending and Higher Tuition

(Centennial Fellow)The Democrats want to scare the elderly to death about Paul Ryan’s Medicare proposals even though they won’t affect anyone over 54. And here’s what they’re not telling anyone: Their own legislative mishaps include billions in cuts that start eating away at Medicare right around the corner and won’t address the debt threat because of the coming costs of Obamacare. Continue reading

Fat Doesn’t Mean Stupid

You need someone to tell you that you’re fat. The tight pants, bulging tummy, and double chin aren’t clues enough according to a government panel that today recommended doctors calculate body mass index for each patient and refer overweight patients to weight loss programs.

A few questions come to mind: Why is the government telling doctors how to do their jobs and why do they think overweight people need to be told the obvious? Continue reading

Taxpayers shouldn’t subsidize TV & radio programs

(Denver Post, Mar. 27) “Donor supports program cuts” sounds a bit like “man bites dog” to my ears, and yet I am one of those donors to Colorado Public Radio (CPR) who supports an end to federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Enacted in 1967, the Corporation provides roughly 15 percent of the funding for National Public Radio (NPR), state affiliates such as CPR and public television. I applaud the House of Representatives for having the courage to cut this program because it is the fiscally and morally responsible thing to do. Continue reading