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Democrats keep sticking it to rural Colorado

(Centennial Fellow) Now that they have regained total control of the State Capitol, Democrat leaders in the legislature just cannot resist kicking rural Colorado every time they get a chance.

It was necessary, they told us, for rural Coloradans—and gun owners everywhere—to compromise our lifestyle and our freedom as part of their irrational quest to make us safer by passing laws that will continue to be ignored by cold–blooded killers like James Holmes, Adam Lanza and the Boston bombers. Continue reading

Colorado legislators spur job creation—somewhere else

(Centennial Fellow) Here’s a little exercise for Colorado business owners, managers or anyone else whose job requires that they keep the bills paid, the doors open, and customers satisfied:

  • Take a few minutes to read how legislators at the State Capitol want to treat you.
  • Then suppress the urge to go out and create a dozen new jobs. (Really, it won’t be hard to do.)

Continue reading

Obamacare ruling: A mess with a message

For anyone who naively thought the Supreme Court would render a clean and tidy decision on ObamaCare, Chief Justice John Roberts’ majority-of-one opinion should be instructive.

Rarely does the high court render an opinion that draws bright lines by simply applying the constitution as written. More often, the court’s opinion is sufficiently muddled that a future court in a similar case can arrive at any decision it desires simply by selectively quoting only the passages that support its desired outcome and ignoring those that do not. Continue reading

After fighting honorably, Santorum must face reality

I like Rick Santorum. I voted for him. I even donated to his campaign. I believe that he is a credible conservative who could provide a striking contrast to Barack Obama and who could resonate with blue-collar voters.

Santorum is a good person, but a good person must also recognize when he’s fighting because he has a chance to win and when he’s fighting just to be fighting. Continue reading

Legislature shouldn’t treat employers as adversaries

(Centennial Fellow) At a time when state legislators should be doing everything possible to encourage job creation, a bill working its way through the Colorado Senate unfairly paints employers as unreasonable and untrustworthy.

Worse still, Senate Bill 3 gives trial lawyers another opportunity to sink their teeth into Colorado’s job creators—extracting “damages” where none exist and forcing employers to pay dearly just to prove their innocence. Continue reading

Can Santorum parlay hat trick into nomination?

(Centennial Fellow) Nice guys Don’t always finish last. Sometimes they win three states in a single day.

Rick Santorum’s improbable hat trick – sweeping Republican presidential contests in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado – provided yet another surprise in a wildly unpredictable nominating process. It also ensures that the primary season will last longer, that we will learn more about candidates’ strengths and weaknesses, and that voters in more states will have a say in selecting Barack Obama’s opponent. Continue reading